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How much does it cost to build a hydro-electric power plant?
How much does it cost to install hydro-electric power in a home?
To build a hydro-electric power plant it costs about $2,000 per kilowatt.
And to install it into a home it would cost about 20 cents per kilowatt, which is 3 times less than the national average.

The main advantage of hydroelectricity is the elimination of the cost of fuel.




Hydroeletric Dam
Hydro-electic energy is a steady flow of electricity to many developements and cities. The water is held in a large body of water called a Reservoir and is passed through passages called penstocks. The water turns the turbines that spin the generator which creates power by the rotor inside the generator creates friction with the stator. Then the water continues on through the turbine and into a river. that is carried through the powerhouse to the power lines that distribute the energy throught various houses and buildings.

Pumped Storage
Water in the reservoir is used to pass through the turbines to create energy as said above. Although, unlike above after the water is used it is pumped back through to the reservoir to be used once again the next day to get the full extent of electricity.

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Local Expert


The sun evaporates water from the sea and lakes-which forms into clouds-and then falls as rain in the mountains. It also keeps the dam supplied with water...FOR FREE!!! Gravitational potential energy is stored in the water above the dam because of the great height of the water, it'll arrive at the turbines at high pressure-meaning, that we can extract from it. Then the water flows away downstream-normally of course. In mountainous countries like, Switzerland and New Zealand, hydro electric power provides more than half of the country's energy needs,(that's a lot). But there is an alternative to this proccess. An alternative to this is to build the station next to a fast-flowing river. However, with this particular arrangement, the flow of the water can't be controlled and the water an't be stored for later use.

- once the dam is built, the energy is pretty much FREE!!
- no waste or pollution produced hydroelectric_energy.jpg
- it's much more reliable than wind, solar,or even wave power
- water can be stored above the dam ready to cope with peaks in demand
- hydro-electric power stations can increase to full power very quickly, unlike other power stations
-electricity can be generated costantly

- the dams are very expensive to build, but many dams are also used for flood control or irrigation, so building costs can be shared.
- building a large dam will flood a very large area upstream, which would cause problems for animals that used to live there
- to find a suitable site could be a bit challenging- the impact on residents and the enviornment coule be unacceptable
- water quality and quantity downstream can be affected- which can have an impact on plant life

-It is renewable
-And the sun provides the water by evaporation from the sea,- and will keep on doing so.


- the science behind all of this science is; by producing power through a renewable resource called hydro-electric power! It works by; as gravitational potential energy is stored in the water above the dam, it will arrive at the turbines at high pressure.the water then flows downstream.
-This type of energy has been used around the world by building large dams in fast flowing rivers.
- to provide this type of energy, would be $16,500,000. for consumers, in the period 2010-2029, electric bills would drop by 0.7%
- the positive and negative effects on the enviornment through hydro electric power would be; by building a large dam will flood a very large ares upstream and then that would cause many problems for animals that used to live there. Also, the water quality could have an impact on plant life.

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